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Globe’s Decorative Asphalt Solutions turns asphalt into expressive streetscapes, connecting the community, campus, or business park with informational, directional, or brand awareness messaging.

Globe Asphalt Solutions is the only certified thermoplastic applicator and installer of decorative asphalt for most of the state of Indiana. 

Your community’s asphalt becomes a blank canvas for creative Decorative design expression. 

It requires low year-round maintenance, is skid resistant and the messaging can create a brand experience, provide expressive directional information or make a statement enhancing the asphalt community thoroughfare.

Whether you’re a large municipality, small town, college campus, healthcare facility, or business park, decorative asphalt turns blank asphalt into a creative expressive amenity for the entire community to see and enjoy.

Your community’s roadways and thoroughfares don’t need to be boring. Streetscape Decorative Asphalt designs always makes an impressive, expressive statement of a modern progressive connected community.

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