Paving Solutions

From parking lots to roadways, from tracks to trails to tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, and everything in between – we have diverse capabilities including all the needed heavy and specialty equipment that delivers excellence to every level of paving applications.

Asphalt Paving – Grading – Milling – Excavating

We’ve provided paving solutions for large and small projects in our Central and Southeastern Indiana Communities since 1931.

Asphalt Dump Truck

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving

We’ve been paving progress in our Indiana communities since 1931.

Since the beginning of 1931, our company has always been about providing exceptional paving solutions to the communities we serve!

We excel at providing asphalt hot mix paving services for almost any size project – large and small. We provide hot mix asphalt for roadways, parking lots, trails, golf paths, tennis and pickleball courts, driveways, and almost every other surface where asphalt is applied.

We have the support services that allow Globe to provide a complete portfolio of paving services with a minimum of outsourcing.

This provides exceptional quality control, accountability, and the path to providing the most affordable services available in our industry.

Excavating and Grading Services

Asphalt Paving is our principal service. To properly support the vast array and variety of paving projects, we also internally provide the proper related support solutions. 

This includes site and project excavating, milling and grading services. 

Having the ability to provide on-site paving production services internally allows for exceptional project site management. 

Providing these services minimizes and controls the added expenses of outsourcing for the needed project excavating and grading services that our competitors outsource.


City and County Streets

Parking Lots

Parking Lots

Athletic Tracks

Bike & Cart Paths

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