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Globe Asphalt Paving’s corporate operations are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have the diverse capabilities, equipment, knowledge, and experienced team to manage and successfully produce almost any asphalt-related project.

For almost a century our pavement products and work can be seen throughout Central and Southeastern Indiana communities every day.

At Globe Asphalt Paving, we have multiple capabilities and a wide variety of Paving and Excavating Services for business, government, and even your neighborhood or home. 

We excel at providing affordable paving solutions for large and small projects throughout Central and Southeastern Indiana.

We’ve been paving progress in our Indiana communities since 1931.

Globe Asphalt Paving Core Services

From Roadways to Parking Lots…
To Trails, Crosswalks & Athletic Courts;

We’re Big Enough to do Most Jobs, but Small Enough to Offer Personalized Service!!!

  • DIVERSITY – At Globe Asphalt Paving, we have the diversity to handle a wide variety of Paving and Excavating Services for Business, Government, or Home.

  • PRECISION – Certain projects require extra attention to detail; A desired playing surface on a Tennis Court, Cart Path construction on a beautifully manicured Golf Course, or even your own Driveway… We Give That Extra Attention!

  • TRADITION – Our owners and employees have an established reputation in asphalt paving dating back to 1931.  Gus Shumaker purchased Globe Creosoting that year and set the groundwork for his family who has continued the paving tradition uninterrupted and now into the 4th generation.

  • SERVICE – We enjoy and take pride in our work and deliver only the best product and service in the industry. Globe Asphalt Paving has the equipment, facilities, and personnel to meet your needs. From the smallest patches to the largest parking lots and subdivision streets, we can do it …. promptly and professionally.

Paving Progress in the Community Since 1931

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