ROADTEC 2500 SHUTTLE BUGGY available for rent

Traditional Uses

  • Material Surge, Re-Mix, and Transfer to mainline paver
  • Offset mix transfer for paver widening
  • Mix transfer to paver for cul-de-sac paving
  • Supplement your fleet, or substitute for a downed machine

Creative Uses

  • On-site storage and transfer for small or soft jobs

    • Golf Course cart paths
    • Athletic Running Tracks
    • Country estate driveways
    • Inside building/barn paving

      Haul with big trucks, pave with small ones!

  • Offset material transfer – up to 14 feet behind curb – to small pavers for:

    • Walking Paths
    • Paving narrow inverts along walls


City and County Streets



Parking Lots

Parking Lots

Athletic Tracks

Bike & Cart Paths

golf path